It’s a boy 💙

It’s a Celebration: Baby Boy is here! 🎈👶💙

There’s nothing quite like the joy that fills a home when a new baby arrives. It’s a time when love blossoms, the future shines bright, and every little giggle feels like music to the ears. Today, we’re capturing that warmth and excitement as we give a big, heartwarming welcome to the newest member of the Pittsburgh family!

Each cry, each nap, and each adorable yawn is a precious moment, and it all starts with the journey home. It’s that special time when a family comes together, united by the bond of love, carrying their little one across the threshold for the very first time.

And what better way to start this momentous homecoming than with a charming stork sign, standing proudly on your lawn? A symbol of new life and beginnings, our stork signs are the perfect way to announce to the world that your bundle of joy has arrived. It’s celebration, inviting friends, family, and neighbors to share in your happiness.

So let’s make it extra special! With our personalized stork signs, you can add your baby’s name, birth date, and other sweet details. Imagine looking out your window every morning to see this beautiful sign, reminding you of the day your life changed for the better. And when the rental period is over, there’s a keepsake bundle to keep forever – a memento of this priceless chapter in your family’s story. 🤍

Embrace the beauty of this new beginning with a touch of tradition and a dash of flair. Visit or call/text (412)447-1655 to reserve a stork sign today. Welcome your little one home in a way that’s as special as they are. Let’s make these moments unforgettable! 🤍